The company Gefssi is  founded in 1988 by George Dinos, who follows the family tradition and opens in Farsala the first of the two company shops. At the same time he also creates the first production workshop that will replace the home production, which covered only the limited needs of his father’s street sales.

Today, from the home production we have kept the home-made character of the products, the emphasis on quality and the insistence on excellent raw materials, offered generously by the Greek nature. Following the AFV (away from home) tendencies of the market, George Dinos continually develops both the workshop and the products, modernizes and enhances the equipment, creating new products, closer to the demands of an increasingly developing clientele.

The year 2000 is a milestone for the company. Foreseeing the changes in diet, and especially in catering that the advent of the 21st meant, entering the picture era, George Dinos innovates by opening in the centre of Farsala a second shop,  which overrules the design and construction standards of the time in snacks and coffee.

The new shop adopts a new, more scenic design compared to the traditional design that dominated until then, and this because it now serves not only the need for food, but also for leisure. The new needs lead to the computerization of the company, the staffing of the workshop and the continual support of the people of the company, with slogans such as:

“We address to viewers, no more to customers”

“Quality to anything we do”

In 2013, with the help of the well-known architect Michael Popovich, the central shop is redecorated according to a new, even wider concept for the place and of course the role of the company in the new decade, aiming at covering not only the customers’ needs, but also their desires.
Today, a third generation of young people takes active part in the company vision contributing with knowledge and new ideas, guaranteeing the course to the future.

Managing Director

George Dinos

Production Manager

Kyriakos Papageorgiou

Sales Manager

Stella Dinou

Production Assistant

Nikol Dinou

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